Tuesday, August 7, 2012

MEATing, A temple of good meat

MEATing is one of these restaurants which the name tells you perfectly what you can expect from it! It's a perfect place for a meat lovers group to meet...
Despite I went there after reading metropoli guide and 11870.com recommendations, I still went out surprised and thinking about our next visit.

As it was the first time we went there we asked the waiter for some help, and the truth is that It couldn't be a better option. An expert on his restaurant raw material and so nice that also seemed to be part of our group.

We started with an a fresh tuna belly with tomato to share and then the star of the restaurant and if not the best it is surely on the podium of the best meat I've tasted in Madrid.

The room very pleasant, with space enough from the other tables and the perfect extraction avoids you to leave with the unpleasant smell of food...

Definitely a place to return...

Calle Villalar, 4
Madrid, Spain
phone: +34 914 31 69 97

How Much?
About 30€
(depending on the wine you order we had two nice bottles of Ramon Bilbao edición limitada...)

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