Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make your own burgers

Sometimes we don't even think that doing it by ourselves may be so easy, quick and much more tasty than buy it already prepared... It's what normally happens with burgers. 

Again, as I always say, don't get stuck in this recipe and try your own recipes by mixing whatever it occurs to you, and share if you want...

You will need:
minced meat (I used about 250 gr per person)
Dijon mustard
small toast or cracker
salt & black pepper

Put your griddle pan on high heat. Meanwhile, In a bowl, chop the parsley, and mix it with the dijon mustard, black pepper and one little toast smashed. Add the meat and mix it till the sauce is perfectly spread across all the minced meat. Make the burgers with your hands or with the help of a mould, I "stole"a burger mould from my mom's house... And grill it according to your taste...

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