Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dona Bia - a Rice Temple, Comporta, Portugal

On the Road that connects Comporta to Carvalhal, located by the rice fields, Restaurant Dona Bia is able to transform the excellent raw material of the region into unforgettable meals!

Behind the horrible mosquito net, but essential to avoid the implacable attack from the mosquitoes of the region, hides a restaurant that, despite the chaotic environment in August, continues to secure the loyalty of its clients.

Despite the rice dishes are the most recommended places, (also because it is the main product of the region), I must confess I always choose the same every time I go to Dona Bia. To start a salad, this time we had a Dog-whelk in a vinaigrette sauce (5€) and then the fabulous Moon fish Fillets with Spawns’ Alentejo Dry Soup (Bread past flavoured with olive oil,garlic and coriander), an exquisite and unforgettable regional dish! 

  • On the summer peak only are accepted reservations for the opening hour
  • If you go to dinner wait inside to avoid the implacable attack from the mosquitoes 
Estrada Nacional 261, entre Comporta e Carvalhal
7580-681 COMPORTA 

Alcácer do Sal, Portugal
Tel: +351 265 497 557

How Much?
Average price: 30-35€

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