Sunday, August 19, 2012

A different Gin Tonic #1

After trying several brands of insect repellent, this summer I've discovered the best - Gin Tonic. Despite it may not be a scientific statement there are two facts: I am one day away of finishing my holidays in Troia without any mosquito bite till now an impossible mission at least for me... and on the other hand I substituted the use of repellents by Gin & Tonic, obviously not because the quinine effect to prevent the mosquitoes but because it is a perfect way to refresh yourself on the hot summer days.

You will need: 
50 ml Citadelle
140 ml Fever Tree Tonic Water
2 mint leaves
1 slice of green apple

As to prepare any G&T start by cooling your glass; smash the mint leaves with  the Gin in order to free all mint flavours; fill the glass with Ice; add a slice of of green apple by the side of the glass and finish adding the Tonic with the help of a bar spoon in order to preserve the tonic properties...

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