Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cook it by yourself!

A restaurant where you are the chef!
We had been in other similar places previously but "Canto da Doca", has very special details that makes it unique.

Everything is cooked on a hot stone, so if you go there don't expect alternatives because they simply don't exist...                               For dinner we shared Tuna and Fillet Mignon and for drink we had white wine from the neighbour Pico Island - Frei Gigante. The perfect ending came with the desert, regional pineapple also cooked on the hot stone.
As restaurant frequently visited by sailors, who normally Stop in Faial on their way to Europe/America, we met a charming Dutch couple who, after years spending some days in Faial during their sailing trips, decided to come living there after they got retired. 

The quality of the raw material and the attention of the waiters are just excellent!

A "Must go" in Faial Island!

Where to find it:
Canto da Doca
Rua Nova Angustias
Horta, Faial Island - Azores, Portugal

How much:
Average price: 25€

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