Sunday, June 3, 2012

The best piglet I tasted in Spain...

Duque is a traditional Spanish grill, divided in dining rooms all with a very typical decoration.

I recommend you to begin by the regional starter (Entrante Segoviano - beans, and different types of sausages) and then  choose between piglet or lamb, both cooked in wood oven, the major "stars" in this restaurant.
Nevertheless I must confess that in Duque the piglet, with only 21 days... is my favourite.
If you ask me what do I prefer, the way they prepare it in Bairrada, (Portugal) or here, I'll surely tell you "depends on where I am..." as despite the raw material is very similar they have very different flavours what makes both experiences completely different. 
Where to find it:
C/ Cervantes, 12
Segovia, Spain
+34 921 46 24 87

How much:
Average price: 40€

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