Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wine of the Week: Murganheira Vintage Brut Pinot Noir 06

After a long absence, the wine of the week is back! From now on every wednesday we will post a different wine...
We normally end our summer afternoons in Troia, a paradise beach located about 1.30H from Lisbon, with its cousin from the variety of Malmsey, "Malvasia Fina", also from Murganheira Winery. A few weeks ago, we finished our vacations with this very special nectar: Murganheira Vintage Brut Pinot Noir 06. Although I am tempted, I will not risk to say that it is the best Portuguese sparkling wine, Instead I will say it is undoubtedly the best I've ever tasted! 
If you are a fan of sparkling wine or Champagne, try it, I am sure It will worth each drop...

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