Sunday, September 22, 2013

Restaurant of the Week: Miyama Castellana, Madrid, Spain

If you are a Japanese food addict like me, Miyama Castellana is a mandatory stop in Madrid. Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Spanish capital, this is our main destination when we go out to eat some sushi... The raw material and respective preparation are top quality, reason why despite it is not the cheapest, for me, this has the best price-quality relation among the japanese restaurants of Madrid.
The service is on the same level of the food, very gentle, professional and fast!
The only but of this restaurant, is the noise when it is full... so deeple recomend you to try to get a table closest to the entrance door as possible.

Paseo de la Castellana 45
Metro: Gregorio Marañón 7 10

How Much?
Aprox 40€/pax

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