Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Maye's Bistró, unique burgers in Madrid!

Last week I had a special request at home! We should go to a burger restaurant for dinner, so I started to look for new places to go outside "our 10 minutes public transport area" as August is perfect to use the car in Madrid. Although I thought that in August there would be no need to make reservation, we called to book a table in the terrace. What a wise decision, because when we arrived all the tables were booked, the first positive indicator of the quality of this restaurant...
As we went on a normal weekday dinner we only asked for two burgers: Mark Twain and Orson Wells, both with delicious home-made French fries...
The delicious food, excellent service in a terrace in a wonderfull summer night...could we ask for anything else?
An excellent surprise that entered directly for our top burger restaurants in Madrid...

Paseo Tierra Melide 13 Madrid, España 
Tube: Las Tablas 10
Tel: +34912 87 62 72

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