Sunday, August 18, 2013

Basic Preparations: Home-made Chicken Stock

Chicken Stock is one of the most used basic preparations on cooking. You can normally use it on cubes, liquid or you can do it at home, as it is much more easy you may think.

You will need (for 1L of stock):
- 1 chicken skeleton
- 2 carrots 
- 2 celery sticks
- 1 medium onion

peel the onion and the carrots and cut it in two halves, put all the ingredients in a pan with 2,5 litres of water and let it boil. when it starts to boil take the impurities out. Let it cook for about 1,5 hours. Pass it through a strainer and it is ready to use.

Tip: If you have enough space in the freezer prepare larger quantities and reserve it for a next time.

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