Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back to Cocktails: Negroni

This cocktail was born on the twenties in Café Casoni, a meeting place of Florence aristocracy . A count called Camilo Negroni used to have a cocktail called Americano, created by Cesare Campari and made of Campari and Martini Rosso. Tired, he asked the barman, Fosco Scarselli to add gin, a drink which the count had tasted in his trips to London. It is believed that count Negroni was a happy and bohemian person as this cocktail triggers the humor... in Javier de las Muelas  Cocktails and Drinks book

This is a very easy cocktail:
In an old fashioned glass full of ice, add:
1/3 of Gin 
1/3 of Bitter Campari
1/3 of Martini Rosso
Mix with a bar spoon and add a slice of orange to finish...

Hope you enjoy it!

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