Friday, May 3, 2013

World flavour's dinner...

I may be repeating myself but don't  change your plans just because you don't have a couple of ingredients required to prepare what you wanted to... Take advantage of this opportunity to create and try something new... It was what happened us yesterday when we were planning a typical Tex-Mex dish: fajitas and we ended up in a world flavours' dinner...
The Arabian touch given by the lamb, the oriental touch of the curry, a German beer and The mexican touch given by the guacamole, the pancakes and the home-made hot sauce...

You will need:

For the pancakes
225 gr Wheat flour
35 gr butter
150 ml water
Salt & freshly ground pepper

For the sauce
Cherry tomatoes
A hand full of coriander
Juice of 1 lime

For the fajitas
Sliced beef or ​​chicken, I used a small lamb's meat
Sliced ​​red pepper and green (in this case just used red pepper, which was at home)
Half an onion sliced
Half lime juice
Salt & Pepper

To prepare the pancakes: At the same time that the butter melts in the warm water, place the dry ingredients in a bowl: the flour, freshly ground pepper and salt and make a hole in the middle where you will pour 2/3 of the water, knead adding the rest of the water and let it rest.

In a bowl mix the meat, with the lime juice, the sliced red and green pepper, the lime juice, the onion, cumin, curry. Mix everything well and let it marinate while you prepare the rest.

To prepare the sauce, put in a small bowl: roughly chop the cherry tomatoes, a chilli, (if you do not like or tolerate hot sauce, skip this step, or take the chilli seeds out to reduce the spicy taste), lime juice and finelly chopped coriander, mix it all and it's ready.

To prepare the guacamole I usually use my hands as we prefer a rougher texture to a creamy one, but you can use the grinder to obtain it! So start by squashing the avocado, add some drops of lime juice, a bit of finely chopped onion and tomato, a bit of salt, a bit of chopped chilli and mix it. Despite we already added lemon, in order to avoid the oxidation of the avocado till you serve it, I recommend you to cover it with aluminium foil, for instance.

To finish cook the meat mixture in a wok, frying pan or griddle pan the meat mixture and cook and meanwhile heat a frying pan without adding any fat. Prepare the pancakes with the palm of your hand or with the help of a rolling pin, put it in the pan and turn it when the dough is cooked in the lower side. store in a plastic container, which will allow it to stay soft and flexible when you eat your fajitas...

Serve it and enjoy, it's perfect for a dinner with friends or, in our case to see a football match!...

You usually prepare mexican food at home? share your recipes with us!

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