Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moratín, an hymn to Gastronomy!

Last week, I watched a video of a Chef Andoni Aduriz lesson where he spoke about cooking with love ... "What is it to cook with love? I

n practice, attention, care, to put all our effort in what we are preparing." We could use these words to describe and say that in this restaurant everything but everything is made with love ... We also felt this love in on how the eyes of the chef were shining and in the passion of his words when he was describing his recommendations from the menu.

Last friday, I was looking for a place I could make a last minute reservation for dinner, when without any recommendation, I found this restaurant and I was lucky to get the last available table in this intimate atmosphere illuminated by candlelight restaurant...
The two main reasons of our visit were to discover new wines, and to taste its Steak tartar, (if you read the previous posts will understand why ...). So in the rest we've just followed the recommendations: we started with started by a confit leeks with romesco sauce, after a marinated salmon in the house with vinaigrette and finally a delicious steak tartar. Regarding the wine, please visit wine of this week post where I talk about it.
One of the highlights of the meal was the explanation of the difference between the effect of tabasco and red pepper ... The red pepper has a retro effect which prevents the loss of sensitivity and  flavour, so you can enjoy all the condiments of your meal with a hot touch, without loosing anything!. Finally we had a half plank of cheeses to finish this wonderful gastronomic experience.

I think the best way to describe our experience was when we left saying goodbye to a friend that you don't see frequently: We have to see us more often

How Much?
Aprox. 20-30€

Calle Moratín 36 Madrid,
Metro: Antón Martín 1

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