Sunday, May 19, 2013

Strawberries frozen Daiquiri

If you asked me what comes to my mind when I speak about strawberries the answer would surely be Variety because of the multiple ways we can use it: Simple, in a fruit salad, in a desert, ice cream, juice, smoothie, or... a cocktail!
Yesterday morning when I went to the market, It was not a lie when I was told I wouldn't regret if I bought these high quality strawberries. They were really good so I used it to prepare a strawberry Ice cream which recipe you can find here on the blog, and a wonderful strawberry daiquiri...

You will need:
lime juice
Sugar Syrup

In a blender add strawberries, 50 ml of rum, juice of half a lime, ice and adjust the flavour to your taste with sugar syrup. Easy, quick and delicious ...

Enjoy it!

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