Monday, April 8, 2013

Flavours experience in Plaza de Perú, Madrid

Yesterday I understood why a Peruvian colleague recommended me this restaurant, everything we eat was great, especially the ceviche and the Starters...
We stayed in an area of ​​high tables in the hallway that connects the kitchen to the two dining rooms, which allowed us to enjoy this in a more informal way and away from the noisy dinning room...

We were a group of 4 friends, all rookies in Peruvian food, so we opted to let us be guided by the kindly waiter... we started by sharing a ceviche, a Piqueo Criolo and a Piqueo Chifero as starters and shared a Lomo saltado another and Aji de Gallina as main dishes

If the main dishes were quite normal, starters were amazing, awsome, spectacular... So I recommend you to going to this restaurant with your friends and order several starters (piqueos or causas) to share ... For the next visit I will write about the desserts as this time  there was only room for a Pisco sour a "must have" in a Peruvian restaurant!

How much?
25-40 €, depending on what and how much you have to drink , wine, imported beer (Cusqueña) or Pisco Sours ...

Restaurante Tanta
Plaza de Perú, 1
Metro: Pio XII / Colombia
phone: 913 50 26 26

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