Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beacoup! A bit of France in Madrid...

About two weeks ago I was looking for a restaurant to celebrate a special occasion, and honestly, the recommendation of my friend Patri could not be better!

When we entered the first impression was that we could be entering a typical Portuguese or Spanish tavern, as space is composed of a long L-shaped bar along the whole left side and the back of the restaurant and the tables are placed in front of it. And when we opened the menu we found a whole world of fantastic dishes to try...

we only had clear that we would start with a couple of oysters and a flute of Champagne to celebrate, and at some point the meal would have to taste the steak tartar, a dish that simply love... So the rest of the meal we've just followed the recommendations: grilled octopus and, in a French restaurant it would be a sin to have a non French wine so we had Fleur la Chapelle.

I confess that after eating at the beach in Brazil those wonderful Oysters, it is difficult to reach the same level, but the oysters were a good start.

Then we had the desired steak tartar with an excellent meat extremely well chopped with knife, (which gives you a totally different texture when serving this dish with minced meat) and very well seasoned. Clearly one of the best I ever eaten. Finally a magnificent grilled octopus.

To finish the wine we ordered an excellent cheese table , which meant we finished already thinking about the return ...

I couldn't finishing this review without mentioning the service. In two words: Just Perfect!!! careful, relaxed, informal, they made us feel like we were at home with long-time friends ...

Definitely, a place to return ...

How much?
Average price: 30-35 €
Menu, wine list and its price:

Calle Doctor Fleming 54
Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 913 59 19 28
Metro: Cuzco Line 10

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