Saturday, October 20, 2012

The natural taste of fish... WITH SALT!

The trick of the salty fish is the raw material and the oven timing! The rest is only informative!
There is no need for a recipe for salty fish, just use the great timing of Jamie Oliver:

10 minutes for each 450 g at 250ºC,  switch off the oven and let it cook for 15 minutes more (this last step is essential).

All said, buy fresh fish without scales and cleaned (we always do Sea Bass, however you can use Bream, Salmon, Trout, Brill), prepare the oven trail with aluminium foil (easy cleaning), spread 2 cm of coarse salt, put the fish over the salt and cover it with 2 cm. Put some aromatic herbs on the fish cavity (this time was coriander, rosemary and Thyme from our kitchen garden).

The lemon goes to decorate, but some people like to season the fish with it.

The side dish was a fresh salad with green peppers,cucumber, tomato, onion and corn season with olive oil, vinegar and nuts.

Marvellous dish with a good white wine!

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