Sunday, March 16, 2014

One of the easiest desserts in the world: Baked Apples with Port wine

Sometimes we focus on learning and trying new techniques and we end up complicating too much... it happens in our daily life and also in the kitchen... So today I decided to share with you one of the easiest desserts that you can cook but full of flavour...

You will need: 
1 Pippin apple 
1 cinnamon stick 
Sugar qs (I use raw cane sugar) 
Port Wine qs 

Remove the centre of the apple with and replace it with the cinnamon stick. dredge it with sugar and drizzle with the port wine, due to my surname, and not for any commercial reason always use Porto Ferreira ... 
Bake it at 180 º C until the apple is soft and it's done!

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