Monday, March 11, 2013

Mise en WHAT?

In professional terms the mise en place is to have already prepared in advance all possible elaborations when you start cooking ...

Before giving up reading the rest of the post answer three quick questions:

1. You have limited time to cook? Specially during the week?
2. You don't want to spend you precious free time during the week in the kitchen?
3. Are you looking for healthy / cheaper meal?

If you answered yes to two of the three questions, don't stop reading 

Questions 1 and 2: Yes! can save much time!!

The next question you will ask is: ok, this is all very nice words, you mean I'll change one hour cooking per day for the whole weekend?... the answer is obviously NO!
I just "changed the chip" when I am preparing my meals, each time I use more the technique of mise en place adapted to my domestic scale. For example, today's dinner, as I had to peel prawns for a pasta, I used the shells and heads to make a shrimp broth and stored it in a Tupperware on the freezer for a seafood rice or soup. Yesterday at lunch, I doubled the doses of the sauces and froze the rest, which will allow me to significantly reduce the time it will take the next time ... The basics, for example the tomato sauce which I use for pizza or for some pasta dishes,I've done exactly the same. The main tip is to organize yourself in order to manage the storage capacity and store for a suitable time, preventing the food from losing most of it's properties...

Question 3: Yes! You can save your body and your budget too!!

If you are one of those who buys everything packaged or pre-cooked (I confess that sometimes I surrender too), try to read the ingredients, especially preserving substances or those you don't manage to understand what they are... When using fresh ingredients, it is true that they will have a shorter duration but much more quality and unique flavour ...
And price? returning to the example of the shrimps: instead of use only the seafood and throw the rest away, I took the rest to a shrimp broth. I was not only able to use it all but also avoided having to buy pre-cooked broth .. 

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