Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fried goat cheese with nuts and Raspberry vinaigrette

To close up the weekend, I prepared a menu with one common element: Raspberries ...

Starting with a bitter taste, fried goat cheese with nuts and raspberry vinaigrette as starter and as a main dish duck magret with mashed sweet potatoes and basil, accompanied by raspberry sauce, this time sweet ...

Specially in this menu preparation, I must highlight the importance of mise en place and organization in the kitchen in order to control the times and avoid serving any of the two dishes out of the ideal cooking point of temperature, since processing times are fairly short ...

This time I decided to start in reverse order, and then on Sunday to share the recipe magret, today I leave you the recipe entry!

You will need:
Dried fruits (can use hazelnuts, pine nuts, walnuts ...)
100 gr. raspberries
Goat cheese chèvre
100 ml extra virgin olive oil
20 ml red wine vinegar

Mince the raspberries and pass through a colander in order to obtain a smooth cream without seeds. Add the sugar, salt and vinegar, emulsify the extra virgin olive oil and let it rest. With a knife finely chop the nuts until a coarse sand, (avoid using a shredder because it will be powder ...). Remove the skin of the cheese and, on a hot pan with a splash of extra virgin olive oil, sauté on both sides.

Serve it with the raspberry vinaigrette and chopped nuts ...

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