Sunday, July 8, 2012

My first Pizza!

Yesterday I finally prepared my first pizza! 
I must thank my friend Martina Piso, for the tips and the recipe of the dough. 

First basic tip,(mainly for ME...), for this recipe or any other one: Start to see what you have at home, before going to the supermarket again!...
Yesterday when I started to list in my mind if I had everything I needed I discovered that I didn't have yeast, so I went to the city centre to buy it and only when I was starting to weigh the flour, I saw it was a self-raising flour... So no yeast was needed!

Pizza Dough:
500 g of wheat flour (as in this case it was self-raising flour, I didn't use yeast, I've bought one kind of flour special prepared for pizzas...)
a bit of sugar 
2 soup spoons of olive oil

After preparing the dough, I let it rest for about 1h.
After Shaping and flatten the dough it was finally ready to prepare the pizza:

I Started by adding the tomato sauce, (to see the recipe just follow the link), then the mozzarella cheese and the bacon and on the top the mushrooms.

The last step, put it on the pre-heated oven, (250ºC) and let it cook, for about 10-12 minutes.

 For the first time it was really good, the next time I must improve the dough that was a bit thick for my particular taste...


  1. Qué buena pinta!!!
    A tu edad por primera vez hacer pizza.... no está nada mal... todo un logro... :) :)


  2. Todo dicho desde el cariño :)