Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Favourite Steak Tartar

There is a reason why Jota 5 is frequently in the Michelin and Metropoli Guides, all the products are first quality!
If you are in Madrid I recommend you to try it!

The restaurant has two separate parts, a dinner room or the bar area where you can have the same meal much more informal and cheaper...

Depending on the season

As starter we usually have a Iberian Ham, as here you can find one of the my favourite Spanish brands - Joselito

Depending on the season You can try partridge salad which is completely delicious, and if you are out of the season I recommend you to try a typical Spanish dish, called "rabo de toro" which can be roughly traduced as oxtail

And as always the best for the end... The best steak tartar I've ever eaten... Delitious, exquisite, certainly the best I've eaten today, and they always make it exactly as you like it! more or less spicy and tasty...

Where to Find it:
Restaurante Jota 5
C/ Alcalá 423 
Madrid, Spain
+34 917 42 93 85
Metro: Ciudad Lineal 5
How Much?
This meal cost us aroud 30€/person, you may take this as the average price
In the restaurant it may cost around 50 €/person

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  1. I've tried several places of steak tartar in Madrid and definitely this is the best! typical restaurant that you are always on the mood to go, got to try it!