Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Photo of the week: The first Shot...

If you are asking yourself about today's post title, the first of 2015, the first after a long break, was this my first photo of the year?
It was not the first of the year but one of my first ever, and I would even say the reason of my passion for photography. With this photo I won my first camera, my Nikon E4300 which followed me almost everywhere for about 5 years...

This was the perfect reason to remember the last year of this blog and to thank you all for the energy that, with each like, each comment, each visit, give me strengh to continue this project and step by step make it grow up...
  • One year that fdgoodlife was read in 93 different countries and visited by 2600 readers.
  • One year that we ended with:
    • 202 likes on Facebook
    • 205 followers on Twitter
    • 181 followers on Instagram
For 2015 I hope to be able to write more regularly and that toguether we are able to continue to raise this project...


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