Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wine of the week: Monte das Servas Colheita Seleccionada

And this week's Wine: "Monte das Servas Colheita Seleccionada"

Do you often have a "deja-vu", or you feel you already met somebody but you don't know where from? This was almost what happened when last year, when we went to spend a weekend at Estremoz, Portugal we found the wines from Herdade das Servas, a name that I had in my mind due to a wine tasting that I did six years ago in Vila Viçosa, (Alentejo/ Portugal), with Tiago Garcia one of the winemakers of this winery
Despite I've remembered the brand I did not remember its wines, but this would completely change after that weekend and the visit to this winery. Its wines started to be frequent in our home and specially Monte das Servas colheita seleccionada, which was discontinuated and substituted by Herdade das Servas Colheita Seleccionada...

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